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Cometan receives Distinction Grade for Master's Dissertation on prehistoric astronomy and religion

On the evening of Tuesday 8th September 2020, Cometan was astonished to have been told that he achieved a grade of 87 for his Master's Dissertation.

Dissertation title: Do the interactions between astronomy and religion, beginning in prehistory, form a distinct religious tradition?

A week earlier, the Astronist Institution had shared an excellent image of Cometan at his grandmother's 83rd birthday meal holding his finished dissertation.

Cometan's Completion of Master's Dissertation
Cometan's Completion of Master's Dissertation

We congratulate the Founder of Astronism for his excellent scholarly work on introducing the Astronic religious tradition and demonstrating evidence from the archaeological record to support his theory that original religion (or Urreligion) was astrolatry (star worship).

Cometan's Master's Dissertation has now been published in full on Astronism.com

And it is also available through Cometan's official personal website Cometan.org

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