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Charlotte Sophia, the sister of Cometan

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Cometan is blessed to have a total of seven siblings that fill a major role in Cometan's family life. One of Cometan's siblings is his maternal younger sister, Charlotte Sophia (picture below).

Known mononymously as Astria in the context of Astronism, Charlotte Sophia was born on 20th August 2007, just 6 months following the birth of Cometan's first-born younger sibling, Kieran Taylorian.

An intelligent young lady with a bright future ahead of her, Charlotte Sophia was there for Cometan throughout The Founding of Astronism era, particularly due to the fact that Charlotte Sophia is the only one of Cometan's siblings that actually lived with the Founder of Astronism during the time he wrote the Omnidoxy treatise. This places Charlotte Sophia as a very important figure during The Founding of Astronism, perhaps even more so than Cometan's younger paternal siblings.

It is likely that Charlotte Sophia will remain a prominent familial figure of Cometan's in the Astronism movement and that Charlotte will also play an important role in Cometan's personal life.

Photography Lately's Sisters of Cometan Collection

Photography Lately has created a number of curated collections for its archive, one of which is the Sisters of Cometan collection.

This collection gathers together all the most important photos of the Sisters of Cometan post-Astronism (meaning those which have been dated as having taken place after 1st July 2013). Cometan's Sisters are all classified as Family Members of Cometan and Photography Lately's dedication of an entire curated collection to the Sisters of Cometan suggests their importance in both Cometan's private and public life.

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