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Charlotte Sophia, sister of Cometan, is pictured in the pool during Coronavirus lockdown!

Photography Lately publishes brand new image of Charlotte Sophia, sister of Cometan during the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK.

Charlotte Sophia was pictured in her swimming pool in the garden of her home in Penwortham, Preston on 20th May 2020 during the Coronavirus lockdown as temperatures soared for a day.

The image was published across some official social media channels of her brother, Cometan, as he was the one who had taken the picture. This is the first we have seen of Charlotte Sophia for about one month on Cometan's social media.

A beautiful bright summery image shows us how fast Charlotte Sophia is growing up!

Cometan's other siblings

Because Cometan currently lives with Charlotte Sophia in Penwortham and the UK Coronavirus lockdown has been enforced since March 2020, Cometan hasn't seen any of his other siblings, hence why they have been absent from official social media channels belonging to Cometan and the Astronist Institution.

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