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Thomas Taylor

Family affiliation: Taylor Family

Relation to Cometan: 

Main facts: 

Date of Birth: 18th February 1994

Date of Death: n/a

Birthplace: Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Residence: Australia

Religion: Unknown (was Roman Catholicism)

Spouse(s): Unknown

Children: None

Siblings: Bradley Taylor and Ellie Louise Taylor

Education: St Mary's Catholic High School Leyland, Runshaw College, and Lincoln University

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Thomas "Tom" Taylor (born February 18, 1994) is one of the first cousins of Cometan and was one of the most important figures during the childhood of Cometan. Often mistaken as brothers due to the fact that they were always with each other, Thomas and Cometan spent much of their childhoods together at 222 Longmeanygate with their grandparents, Derrick and Irene Taylor.

Following Cometan's childhood years, he grew apart from Thomas, who would later go travelling to Australia, although they would always share a deep bond with one another due to their shared experience of growing up at 222 Longmeanygate with their deeply religious grandparents and alongside their many other cousins. Thomas was arguably more pivotal in Cometan's childhood years than any other figure other than his grandmothers, Irene and Hilda, and even more so than Cometan's older sister, Lucia.

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