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Monica Anne Bolton

Family affiliation: Bolton & Warbrick Families

Relation to Cometan: 

Main facts: 

Date of Birth: 14th February 1928

Date of Death: n/a

Birthplace: 2nd Northbank Cottages, Hill Top Lane, South Hill, Wheelton, Preston, England

Residence: Gregson Lane, Hoghton, Lancashire, England

Religion: Roman Catholicism

Spouse(s): George Bolton (1923 - 1990)

Children: Michael Bolton

Siblings: Elizabeth "Betty" Conway and William "Bill" Warbrick

Education: n/a

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Monica Anne Bolton (born Monica Anne Warbrick, February 28, 1928) is one of two maternal great aunts of Cometan as the older sister of William "Bill" Warbrick, the maternal grandfather of Cometan. Monica was a peripheral figure in the childhood, adolescence and early childhood of Cometan and she attended his 21st birthday party that was held at Hoghton Tower on 29th June 2019.

Monica met the paternal grandparents of Cometan, Derrick and Irene Taylor, in the 1990s and thereafter struck up a friendship with them until their deaths in 2011 and 2015 respectively. Their mutual religiosity and devotion to regular church attendance helped grow their bond.

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