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Kevin Cottam

Family affiliation: Cottam Family

Relation to Cometan: 

Main facts: 

Date of Birth: 22nd May 1936

Date of Death: 6th June 2010

Birthplace: 9 Darwen Street, Higher Walton, Preston, Lancashire, England

Residence: Longridge, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Religion: Roman Catholicism

Spouse(s): Mary Cottam (née Eccles)

Children: David, Louise, Jane, and Jackie

Siblings: Hilda Warbrick and Raymond Turner

Education: unknown

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Kevin Cottam (May 22, 1936 – June 6, 2010) was one of the maternal great uncles of Cometan directly related to Cometan through Kevin's sister being Hilda Warbrick (née Cottam), the maternal grandmother of Cometan. The older brother of Hilda by just eighteen months, Kevin and his young sister were often mistaken for twins when growing up as they were so close in size. Kevin had an entrepreneurial spirit and set up his own business in the village of Longridge.

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