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William Warbrick

Family affiliation: Warbrick Family

Relation to Cometan: Maternal grandfather

Main facts: 

Birth name: William “Bill” Warbrick

Other names: Macosmeran (mononym in Astronism)

Date of birth: 8th October 1936

Place of birth: 2 Radburn Brow, Clayton Green

Nationality: British

Residence: Brooklands, Quaker Brook Lane, Hoghton

Religion: Roman Catholicism

Children: Karen Elizabeth Warbrick (1966 - 1970), Janet Louise Warbrick (1970 - )

Siblings: Elizabeth “Betty” Conway, Monica Anne Bolton

Occupations: Director of Engineering

Education: St Bede’s Catholic Primary School, Clayton Green

William "Bill" Warbrick, maternal grandfather of Cometan

William “Bill” Warbrick (born October 8, 1936) is the maternal grandfather of Cometan. Bill married Hilda Cottam on 17th May 1958 and had two daughters, Karen Elizabeth and Louise Janet. William Warbrick was born at 2 Radburn Brow in what was then called Clayton Green, but what is now called Clayton-le-Woods next to the town of Chorley in Lancashire, England.

William Warbrick was born to a middle-income family in the autumn of 1936 in the village of Clayton-le-Woods, which was then called Clayton Green to his parents Henry Warbrick (father) and Mary Warbrick (mother). Warbrick has two older sisters, Elisabeth "Betty" Conway (born October 10, 1926), and Monica Bolton (born February 14, 1928). Bill enjoyed a successful career in engineering, working his way up to Director status in the Ministry of Defence. This afforded him the opportunity to travel the world throughout the 1970s and 80s, most notable of his trips were Iran, Tanzania, and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. A worldly and wise figure, Bill had an important role in the childhood of Cometan, acting as a major father figure for his only grandson.

Bill had a passion for hiking and throughout his life, he completed over twenty 100 mile hikes across the United Kingdom, many of which he completed in his seventies. Timeline October 8, 1936: Bill is born William Warbrick in the village of Clayton Green at 2 Radburn Brow. 17th May 1958: Bill marries Hilda Cottam. 17th September 1966: Birth of daughter, Karen Elizabeth. 17th July 1970: Birth of daughter, Louise Janet. 1978: Bill visits Iran for work just before the revolution Hilda and Bill open their own newsagents. Hilda and Bill purchase Brooklands in Hoghton.

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