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Sean Frederick Taylor

Family affiliation: Taylor Family

Relation to Cometan: Father

Main facts: 

Birth name: Sean Frederick Taylor

Date of birth: 30th October 1970

Place of birth: Sharoe Green Hospital, Preston

Nationality: British

Residence: 195 Leyland Lane, Leyland

Religion: Roman Catholicism, Irreligious

Children: Brandon, Kieran, Kent, Zara, Jay, Edie

Siblings: Stephen, Thérèse, Bernadette, Maria, Francis, Veronica, Monica, Derrick, Catherine, Louise, Joseph

Occupations: Vending machine business owner

Education: St Anne’s Leyland

Sean Frederick Taylor, father of Cometan

Sean Frederick Taylor (born on 30th October 1970) is an English vending machine business owner and the father of Cometan, also father to Kieran, Kent, Zara, Jay and Edie Taylorian. Born in Mount Street Hospital in the city of Preston to Irene Mary Taylor and Derrick Taylor on 30th October 1970, Sean’s childhood and adolescence were dominated by his deeply religious mother. The Taylor family had grown a reputation for their cult-like behaviour in and around the town of Leyland in Lancashire.

Sean met Cometan’s mother, Louise, at a wedding in the early 1990s and the two quickly became a couple. After the birth of their only offspring, Cometan, on 1st July 1998, the couple’s relationship turned sour, leading to their eventual separation in 2003. This separation would go on to dominate the childhood and early adolescence of their son, Cometan. Cometan later described the relationship with his father as civil, but shallow.

They never had anything in common, particularly as Cometan turned towards intellectualism, which was a world that Sean had never been exposed to due to his lack of education (exemplified by Sean’s absence from Cometan’s university graduation). Although Sean would remain in his son’s life even after his separation from Cometan’s mother, their relationship was decidedly one of indifference and lacking a true father-son bond. As a result, Cometan turned to his grandfather, Bill Warbrick, to gain that fatherly figure in his life. Timeline October 30, 1970: Sean is born Sean Frederick Taylor in Mount Street Hospital, Preston. July 1, 1998: Birth of his eldest son, Cometan. 2007 - 2011: Birth of Kieran, Kent, Zara, Jay and Edie.

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