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Nadine Taylor

Family affiliation: Taylor Family

Relation to Cometan: Stepmother

Main facts: 

Birth name: Nadine Lathrope

Date of birth: 21st March 1967

Place of birth: Preston, Lancashire

Nationality: British

Residence: 195 Leyland Lane, Leyland

Religion: Roman Catholicism, Irreligious, Astronism

Children: Maegan, Darius, Lewis, Kieran, Kent, Zara, Jay, Edie

Siblings: Stephanie Lathrope

Education: Worden Sports College

Nadine Taylor (née Lathrope), stepmother of Cometan

Nadine Taylor (born Nadine Lathrope on 21st March 1967) is the stepmother of Cometan and mother to Kieran, Kent, Zara, Jay and Edie Taylorian. Born in Leyland, Lancashire, Nadine had three children named Maegan, Darius and Lewis before meeting Sean Taylor. They eventually married in 2009 after the birth of three of their five children.

Nadine and her stepson Cometan’s relationship was tumultuous at the beginning. Cometan seemed to take out the trauma he experienced from his parents’ separation of both of his stepparents, Nadine and Julian. However, their relationship improved as Cometan’s public life began from the age of fifteen.

Nadine became interested in Cometan’s religious works and writings as an early follower of Astronism and an admirer of Cometan’s ideas. They would spend hours talking with each other until the early hours of the morning about religion and other topics. At one point, Cometan and his stepmother shared a greater bond than even Cometan and his own father. Nadine’s role in Astronism is expected to grow with her interest and involvement in Cometan’s public life, perhaps sometime in the future earning her a religious mononym, although at the time of writing, she had not received recognition within Astronism for any particular contribution. Timeline March 21, 1967: Nadine is born Nadine Lathrope in Leyland, Lancashire. 2007 - 2011: Nadine gives birth to Kieran, Kent, Zara, Jay and Edie, her five children with Cometan’s father, Sean Taylor. 24th April 2009: Nadine and Sean Taylor get married at Brownedge St Mary’s Church in Bamber Bridge.

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