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Louise J. Counsell

Family affiliation: Cometanic Family

Relation to Cometan: Mother

Main facts: 

Birth name: Janet Louise Warbrick

Other names: Lyra (mononym in Astronism)

Date of birth: 17th July 1970

Place of birth: Sharoe Green Hospital, Preston

Nationality: British

Residence: 160 Cop Lane, Penwortham

Religion: Roman Catholicism and Astronism

Children: Lucia Natalie Richardson (1989 - ), Cometan (1998 - ), Charlotte Sophia Louise Counsell (2007 - )

Siblings: Karen Elizabeth Warbrick (1966 - 1970)

Occupations: Hair salon owner, Entrepreneur, Property owner

Education: St Joseph’s Brindle, Brownedge St Mary’s

Louise J. Counsell (née Warbrick), mother of Cometan

Louise J. Counsell (born Janet Louise Warbrick on 17th July 1970) is an English hair salon owner, entrepreneur, property owner and the mother of Cometan. Louise was born Janet Louise Warbrick in the village of Hoghton in Lancashire as the second daughter of William and Hilda Warbrick on 17th July 1970.

Louise grew up as an only child, but she wasn't meant to be. She had an older sister named Karen Warbrick, whom sadly passed away after an incident at the age of 4. Louise would therefore never meet her older sister. In her professional career, Louise had been a hairdresser since her early twenties and later owned her own hair salon known Eulocis, a combination of her name and her first daughter's name, Lucia. This entrepreneurial spirit provided her with the opportunity to own her own properties which she rented out.

Later in her life, she took an academic path and began studying psychology with particular interest in counselling psychology and personality disorders. This was all whilst still working full-time and looking after her family and a household. Timeline July 17, 1970: Louise is born Janet Louise Warbrick in Sharoe Green Unit, Preston. 1980s: Louise and two friends report seeing a ghost on a bridge in Hoghton. In a separate incidence, after conducting a ouija session with friends in a stable, Louise reports the horses running out of the stables despite the doors to each cubicle being locked. 1989: Louise married her first husband Wayne Richardson. July 1, 1998: Louise gives birth to her only son, Cometan. September 2012: Louise marries her second husband, Julian Counsell, in Naples, Florida, USA.

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