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Julian Counsell

Family affiliation: Counsell Family

Relation to Cometan: Stepfather

Main facts: 

Birth name: Julian Douglas Counsell

Date of birth: 22nd March 1978

Place of birth: Northumberland, England

Nationality: British

Residence: 160 Cop Lane, Penwortham

Religion: Irreligious

Children: Charlotte Sophia Louise Counsell (2007 - )

Siblings: Natalie Kate Rebecca Taylor

Education: King Edward VII, Lytham

Julian Counsell, stepfather of Cometan

Julian Douglas Counsell (born on 22nd March 1978) is the stepfather of Cometan and father to Charlotte Sophia. Born in Northumberland in England, Julian came into Cometan’s life when he was about five years old after the separation of his parents, Louise and Sean. From a young age, Cometan lived with Julian although Julian never became a fatherly figure for Cometan. That role was instead conferred to Bill Warbrick, Cometan’s grandfather.

Julian attended King Edward VII in Lytham and later attended Glasgow College of Nautical Studies before becoming a member of the Merchant Navy which allowed him to travel around the world from Sydney, Australia to Guyana and Brazil. Julian had a baby girl with Louise Richardson (née Warbrick) on 20th August 2007 who they named Charlotte Sophia Louise Counsell. In September 2012, the family travelled to Florida, USA for the wedding of Louise and Julian which took place on Lowdermilk Beach, Naples.

Although Julian lived with Cometan throughout the majority of his childhood, his adolescence and his early adulthood years, he had very little involvement with The Founding of Astronism due in part to his own disinterest in intellectual matters, especially those of a religious, philosophical or political nature. For this reason, Julian is not recognised as a figure within Astronism due to his lack of involvement. Timeline March 22, 1978: SJulian is born Julian Douglas Counsell in Northumberland, England. August 20, 2007: Birth of Charlotte Sophia, Julian’s only offspring September 2012: Julian and Louise marry on Lowdermilk Beach in Naples, Florida.

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