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Irene Mary Taylor

Family affiliation: Taylor & Hardacre Families

Relation to Cometan: Paternal grandmother

Main facts: 

Birth name: Irene Mary Hardacre

Other names: Pacosmera (mononym in Astronism)

Date of birth: 7th March 1932

Date of death: 16th October 2015

Place of birth: Higher Walton, Lancashire, England

Nationality: British

Residence: 222 Longmeanygate, Leyland

Religion: Roman Catholicism

Children: Stephen, Thérèse, Bernadette, Maria, Francis, Veronica, Monica, Derrick, Catherine, Louise, Joseph, and Sean

Siblings: Margaret Whewell

Occupations: Tailoress

Education: St Patrick’s Primary School

Irene Mary Taylor (née Hardacre), paternal grandmother of Cometan

Irene Mary Taylor (née Hardacre) (March 7, 1932 – October 16, 2015) was the paternal grandmother of Cometan, a Roman Catholic devotee and a member of the Latin Mass Society. Irene had a total of twelve children after marrying her husband Derrick Taylor in 1954. Irene was born in the village of Higher Walton in the spring of 1932 to Richard and Edith Hardacre (née McKerney). Irene had always been a deeply religious lady, loyal to the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church which she dedicated the majority of her life to.

She, along with help from her grandchildren, built a Marian shrine and Mary garden at 222 Longmeanygate where she would spend hours praying and devoting herself to the Virgin Mary, perhaps in the hope of experiencing an apparition. Irene had a major impact on the childhood of Cometan, instilling in him a deep religiosity that arguably lead to Cometan’s later fascination with philosophy and theology in his adolescent years. Although Irene would die before Cometan told her about him founding the Astronist religion, she did know about Cometan’s interest in becoming a writer.

Classified as a coportant figure within Astronism, Irene may not have received recognition in the Catholic religion, but she has become an important figure in The Founding of Astronism. Timeline March 7, 1932: Irene is born Irene Mary Hardacre in Higher Walton village just outside Preston. 17th January 1954: Irene’s parents and her fiancé Derrick’s parents are all involved in a car accident on New Road in the village of Coppull, killing Derrick’s father, Frederick. 1954: Irene marries her husband Derrick Taylor. 1954 - 1970: Irene birthed twelve children, ten of whom survived. 16th October 2015: Death of Irene Mary Taylor at her residence, 222 Longmeanygate in Leyland.

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