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Derrick Taylor

Family affiliation: Taylor Family

Relation to Cometan: Paternal grandfather

Main facts: 

Birth name: Derrick Taylor

Other names: Pacosmeran (mononym in Astronism)

Date of birth: 12th August 1930

Date of death: 26th November 2011

Spouse: Irene Mary Hardacre (married 27th March 1954)

Place of birth: Coppull, Lancashire

Nationality: British

Residence: 222 Longmeanygate, Leyland

Religion: Roman Catholicism

Children: Stephen, Thérèse, Bernadette, Maria, Francis, Veronica, Monica, Derrick, Catherine, Louise, Joseph, and Sean

Siblings: Patricia, David, Alma

Occupations: Miner

Derrick Taylor, paternal grandfather of Cometan

Derrick Taylor (August 12, 1930 – November 26, 2011) was an English miner and the paternal grandfather of Cometan. Derrick married his wife, Irene Mary Hardacre, in 1954 and had with her twelve children, ten of whom survived and the youngest of whom was Sean Frederick Taylor, Cometan’s father.

Derrick Taylor was born in the village of Coppull in Lancashire, England to Frederick Taylor and Ellen Stringfellow. Derrick’s mother is known to have been an alcoholic and treated her eldest son quite badly causing Derrick to become teetotal later in his life. Derrick’s father died in a car accident on 17th January 1954, just a few month’s before the wedding of Derrick and Irene. Richard Hardacre, Irene’s father, was at the wheel and Frederick was in the passenger seat with Ellen and Edith in the backseats. Due to ice on the roads, their car overturned into a ten foot ditch, killing Frederick although the other three survived the crash. It was for this reason that Derrick and Irene married in black to show respect to Frederick.

Derrick built 222 Longmeanygate for his growing family and this would become the main residence of the Taylor family for the next fifty years. Derrick’s influence on the chilldhood of Cometan was limited in comparison to that of his wife, Irene, with Cometan spent more time. Timeline August 12, 1930: Derrick is born Derrick Taylor in Coppull, Chorley Borough, Lancashire. January 17, 1954: Derrick and Irene’s parents are involved in car accident on New Road in Coppull, killing Derrick’s father, Frederick. 1954: Derrick marries his wife Irene Mary Hardacre. 1954 - 1970: Irene and Derrick have twelve children. November 26, 2011: Death of Derrick Taylor at Blackpool Victoria Hospital during heart surgery.

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