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Family affiliation: Cometanic Family

Also known as: Cometan the Contemplator

Main facts: 

Date of Birth: 1st July 1998 at 5:30pm

Date of Death: n/a

Birthplace: Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Residence: Penwortham, England, United Kingdom

Religion: Astronism

Spouse(s): Cosma (2018 - 2019)

Children: n/a

Siblings: Lucia Natalie, Kieran Taylorian, Charlotte Sophia, Kent Taylorian, Zara Taylorian, Jay Taylorian, and Edie Taylorian

Education: St Mary's & St Benedict's Roman Catholic Primary School, Brownedge St Mary's Roman Catholic High School, Cardinal Newman College, and University of Central Lancashire

A variety of images of the Founder of Astronism, Cometan, who may also be referred to as Cometan the Contemplator.

Cometan (born Brandon Reece Taylor, July 1, 1998), known in an Astronist context under the title Cometan the Contemplator, is the founder of the organised philosophy of Astronism as well as the delineator and establisher of the Astronic tradition of religion and philosophy. Cometan has become best known for advocating for a cosmocentric worldview to be adopted worldwide which would involve humanity's focus on the stars for deriving their spirituality, personal guidance and existential purpose. Cometan's "astrospirituality" has become famous the world over for introducing a new type of religiosity, particularly for those of an atheistic, agnostic or non-religious leaning. 

Cometan dedicated himself to a life of public attention from the age of fifteen when he began to receive a series of inspirations and revelations from within himself regarding the future of humanity in space and the necessity for the rise of a new religion to guide humanity as it begins the mammoth endeavour of deep space exploration. Cometan staunchly believed that Astronism was needed so as to provide deeper meaning and purpose for the exploration and civilisation of space beyond the shallow profiteering of private companies. Cometan stressed that an endeavour so serious and extensive as humanity's exploration of space needed the philosophical foundations that Astronism was poised to provide.

While developing Astronism, Cometan understood that to legitimise Astronism, he would need to look to history to understand the role of astronomy and space in the beliefs of humanity. What Cometan uncovered through piecing together fragments of historical documents and archaeological evidence was simply astonishing. He interpreted that there existed a clear tradition of religion and philosophy that had been completely unstudied by the academic community and was in requirement of organisation and establishment. He named this the Astronic tradition and it would come to stand alongside the other three major religious traditions known as the Abrahamic, Taoic and Dharmic traditions. The Astronic tradition represents astronomical and space religions dating back to the Upper Palaeolithic period of the Stone Age 40,000 years ago, making it the oldest religious tradition. It includes Astronism, Astrology, and Astrolatrism (astrolatry), as well as a variety of other astronomical cults and religions that were practiced through prehistoric and ancient times and which were organised into an umbrella term by Cometan called Archaeoastronism.

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